Unique Stone Jump Tradition From Nias,Indonesia

Unique Stone Jump Tradition From Nias,Indonesia

This one tradition is a unique tradition originating from Nias, North Sumatra. Its name is the Stone Jump Tradition.

What is the Rock Jump Tradition?

The Lompat Batu tradition is one of the traditions originating from Nias, North Sumatra. this tradition is usually done by young people by jumping over a pile of stones 2 meters high and 40 cm thick to show that they are fit to be considered physically mature. This Jumping Stone tradition is one of the traditions that is quite famous in Nias. besides being shown as a traditional event, the Jumping Stone Tradition can also be an interesting show, especially for tourists who come there.

History of the Stone Jump Tradition

This jumping stone tradition has been done since time immemorial. according to its history, the Stone Jump Tradition arose because of the habits of the people during tribal wars that had once occurred in Nias. It is said that at that time, every village that fought had its own fortress to guard their territory. so to attack, special forces are needed to jump over the fort. They then make a pile of stones that are used to train them physically, especially agility in jumping.

along with the end of the war, rock jumping is still carried out by the people there to become a tradition. This tradition then developed into a ritual or medium for the youth to show that he was an adult. but it should be noted, that this tradition was not carried out by all Nias people, and was only carried out by certain villages. Even so, because of the uniqueness of the Jump Rock Tradition, it became known to the wider community and became a cultural symbol for the people of Nias.

the function and meaning of the Stone Jump Tradition

As explained earlier, the Stone Jump Tradition functioned as a medium for the youth to show that they were physically mature. Besides this tradition can also be a medium to test the agility and virility of the youth. for the people there, this tradition is interpreted as a process of maturing men to form strong and agile characters in living life.

Unique Stone Jump Tradition From Nias,Indonesia

In addition, if a young man can do it perfectly, it will be a pride for him and his family. because not all young people can do that directly and must require hard training and long enough to do it. in addition, to do rock jumping is very high risk, so it is not uncommon for those who succeed to celebrate with traditional thanksgiving.

Time and Place for the Rock Jump Tradition

the implementation of the lopat batu tradition is usually held at a time determined by the community and will be followed by young people who have grown up. for the place where the Jumping Stone Tradition is held in a special place, usually every village that often performs this tradition has its own place which is used for generations the place was marked with 2 meters high stone and 40 cm thick which was later used to jump over the participants.

Implementation of the Stone Jump Tradition

When carrying out the Stone Jump Tradition, it will usually be witnessed by the villagers. then the participants got ready using the clothes of Nias fighters waiting for their turn. When it's turned, the participant will take a step that isn't too far away. Then run fast and set foot on a rock as its support. then he jumped into the air and passed the big 2 meter rock. When jumping, the participant may not touch the large stone, if it touches, he has not succeeded.

there are several things that must be considered in jumping over this rock especially when landing. If participants land in the wrong position it will be very high risk such as muscle injury and even broken bones. Of course, to follow the Jumping Tradition, this stone is not allowed to be careless. although it is used to determine the maturity of youth, but they have been trained since childhood, so they are used to and know the technique.

Values ​​in the Stone Jump Tradition

The Jump Rock tradition is not just an ordinary game or ceremony, but also has special values ​​in it, especially the value of life, cultural values, togetherness values.

- Value of life

for the people there, the Jumping Tradition Stone is used as a medium to determine the maturity of a person, especially men. In addition, this tradition is also carried out to form a strong and agile youth character in living life.

- Culture value

as one of the cultural heritages, this tradition continues to be preserved today. Aside from being a form of ritual or traditional ceremony, this tradition is also carried out as a form of their appreciation of the culture inherited from their ancestors or ancestors.

Unique Stone Jump Tradition From Nias,Indonesia

- Togetherness Value

togetherness can be seen from the enthusiasm of the community to witness it. This tradition seems to be a medium where people can gather together and support participants who follow it. besides that, this tradition is also a medium for participants to fight together and display their greatness.

Development of the Stone Jump Tradition

In its development, the Rock Jump Tradition continues to be preserved today. even now the Stone Jump Tradition is one of the cultural symbols of the Nias community. This tradition is still often carried out by several villages in Nias. Aside from being a traditional ceremony or ritual, the Jumping Stone Tradition is also one of the attractions of tourists visiting there.
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