The results of Pharaoh Tutankhamun's Autopsy Reveal His Death

The results of Pharaoh Tutankhamun's Autopsy Reveal His Death

The cause of Pharaoh Tutankhamun's death was revealed. from the results of the "virtual autopsy" of the Pharaoh's son of the Prophet Moses era, it turns out he died young because he suffered from hereditary diseases due to his parents incest, the Daily Mail reported

From the analysis, it was concluded that Tutankhamun had hips like women, crooked legs and crooked teeth. also, it was revealed that her parents were siblings.

With coffins made from expensive wood and gilded gold and their masks covered in masks, Tutankhamun's burial symbolized the beauty, splendor, and power of a king.

but behind that mask, his body, the Egyptian king who is also popularly called Tutankhamen, has crooked teeth, crooked legs and hips like a woman. This is based on the results of the most detailed examination of the mummies of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh.
The results of Pharaoh Tutankhamun's Autopsy Reveal His Death
and, unlike the popular portrayal of this teenage male king as a train racing fan, Tutankhamun relied on walking sticks during his reign in the 14th century BC, the researchers said.

It was based on by the genetic analysis of the Tutankhamun family combined with more than Thousands mummified computer scans.From that it can be concluded that his parents were having incest This incest marriage is commonly done to prevent the crown from moving out of their family line. That was also imitated by the Herod family who ruled in Israel in the time of Jesus. Herod the Great's children also married each other.

Scientists believe that this incest marriage caused him to have a physical disorder. Defects triggered by hormonal imbalances. And, based on the history of his family, hereditary diseases also caused his death in the late teens.

myths suggest he was killed or involved in a train accident after he found his skull fractured and another part of his skeleton broken. now scientists believe he may have died of inherited disease because only one broken bone occurred before he died. Meanwhile, because his legs were deformed, he could not ride a chariot racing

in 1907, Lord Carnarvon George Herbert asked British archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter to supervise excavations in the Valley of the Kings.On November 4, 1922, Carter's group found a ladder leading to Tutankhamun's tomb and spent several months cataloging the vestibule.

The results of Pharaoh Tutankhamun's Autopsy Reveal His Death

Kingdom DNA
Albert Zink, from the Institute for Mummies and Iceman in Italy, revealed the truth about Tutankhamun's parents by studying the DNA of the Egyptian royal family.

He found out that Tut was born to his father Pharaoh Akhenaten having a relationship with his younger brother. Incest is not a problem among the ancient Egyptians and they dont know about the health implications of their descendants

In his book published in 1939 Moses and Monotheism Sigmund Freud presented the idea that the Crown Prince Thutmose brother  young Akhenaten was associated with the character of the holy Moses. the idea was recently (1998) reconsidered by Egyptologist Jan Assmann in his book Moses the Egyptian.

Ashrafian forest, a lecturer in body surgery at Imperial College London, said that some family members appeared to have suffered from a disease that could be explained by hormonal imbalances.  only his direct descendants die young. And, they have a lower life expectancy in the next generation. "
Egyptian Radiologist Ashraf Selim revealed that a virtual autopsy showed an abnormality in the toes. He will be very lame. "There is only one location that we can say there was a broken bone before he died and that is the knee." Evidence of Raja Tut's physical limitations was also supported by 130 walking aids found at his tomb.

BBC Dallas Campbell's host, said, "Trying to navigate the speculation and politics surrounding one of the most famous characters in history is frightening and tense."

"Maybe stupid! but using solid science and a truly multi-disciplinary approach we have finally been able to discard some popular myths and ideas that have surrounded his life and death, and hopefully add a new chapter that will ensure the story of Tutankhamun continues to fascinate"Strange Ritual Embalming
The results of Pharaoh Tutankhamun's Autopsy Reveal His Death

at the time of his death in 1323 BC, the father of the king of Egypt this teenager was said to be leading the religious revolution in this country.

It is believed that Akhenaten wanted to destroy the belief in the Egyptian gods and not worship the sun god called Aten.

tutankhamun tried to overcome this revolution when he was believed to have broken his leg and died of an infection in the wound. DNA analysis in 2010 also found traces of malaria in his body's system.

during mummification the decision was made to cover the king's body in a black liquid — like the color of Osiris's skin — and to throw away the heart.

this ritual, according to Professor Salima Ikram from the university, was carried out in order to make people think Tutankhamun was a god of the underworld