Lokale,Endless natural cave in Papua,Indonesia

Lokale,Endless natural cave in Papua,Indonesia

In 1996, a geologist walked slowly into the lips of a cave. It was 6:00 in the morning, when the sun had just revealed its rays. The expert confidently began his search in the cave which still really had not been studied. the expert's eyes widened sharply at the dark aisle of the cave, occasionally squinting his eyes to clarify his view.

The deeper the darker, even the beam of the flashlight and the battery lights were unable to defeat the darkness of the cave. the expert continued to enter the cave, he was determined to find the end of this mysterious cave. Second by second he passed, he spent minutes by minute for the exploration of this cave, until finally 24 hours were gone.

the story above is not a fiction, but a true story that really happened is according to Pak Boa, a guard of a cave in Wosilimo Village, Wamena District, Papua. The cave is lokale, so the people around it call it. then did the researcher find the end of the cave?

It is said that Pak Boa, after more than 36 hours, the American geologist finally decided not to continue the journey and returned to the first place he entered without succeeding in finding the tip. after leaving, the time was 18:00 the next day.

"This cave was opened in 1992. In 1996, cave experts from America came here. He entered Lokale at 6 am, just came out at 6:00 the next day, We all residents here thought he died inside there, "said Pak Boa, his index finger pointing to the location of the cave.

When asked what the name of the cave expert was, Pak Boa claimed to have forgotten. But he said the expert once said, if Lokale could be the longest cave in the world.

"He said, this cave is Indonesia's pride. It must be taken good care of. Until now, it hasn't been found where the end is. No one dares to go deeper," added Pak Boa.

Entering the cave area, we will be greeted by rows of trees of a kind of very high pine forest. This forest is so cool and original, treat yourself to the beauty of the Baliem Valley. Approximately 100 meters, the door of the cave is visible. A 2 meter high door will welcome all who want to enter Lokale's cave. however, if there are no visitors, the cave door will be locked so that no one can enter.

Near the door, there is a warning board on the wooden board. some points include the prohibition of disposing of garbage, urinating, taking anything from the cave, holding natural formations, also prohibiting catching or disturbing cave animals, considering that there is a pond containing fish and shrimp in the cave. like most caves, lokale is also decorated with stalagites and stalagmites with water dots that look like beautiful crystal beads. Some hollow cave walls can produce melodious sounds when tapped, producing unique tones. only with a gentle knock, the sound will appear and become a beautiful arrangement of regular tones to be heard.

So far, according to Pak Boa, the travel data entering the most remote Lokale Cave is up to three kilometers, and even then it hasn't reached the end at all. Mr. Boa explained that if he could enter up to about 850 meters long, there would be a large hall inside the cave. In fact, if you have more time and are able to walk two kilometers there is a second hall in the much larger Lokale Cave.

Until now, the long mystery of Lokale's cave has not been solved. however, this cave has the potential to become a tourist and research object for both domestic and foreign tourists. Lokale Cave is a proud cave of Papua but full of charm.