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High level Collaboration about Borobudur temple,Indonesia

Borobudur temple is the result of high-level collaboration in engineering, architecture, and art that became a world masterpiece. This giant stone puzzle is the grandest Buddhist temple in the world and was designated as one of the world heritage by UNESCO. Standing majestically under the feet of the Menoreh Hills, Borobudur Temple is a marker of past glory. That there was once a time, on earth Jawadipa stood the ancient Mataram kingdom which was rich and famous. the existence of abundant crops and intelligent human resources made the ancient Mataram kingdom able to build a megaproject known as the Borobudur Temple. This Buddhist temple was built during the reign of King Samaratungga from Wangsa Syailendra, around the 8th century the construction of the mega project was led by Gunadarma, a master architect of his time. Without the help of computers and other sophisticated tools he was able to create such a magnificent building with an area of ​​123 x 123 m2 complete with 504 Bud

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